What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet is meant to provide you a nutrition plan based on high fat and average protein intake while keeping carbs at a low level. Carbs need to be reduced because they eventually become glucose and lead to weight gain. When dieters don’t consume carbs as much, they force their livers to burn fat instead of glucose.

What Supplements and Keto Pills Should You Take on a Keto Diet?

Keto diet is more and more popular because it has helped many people lose weight rapidly and without excessive exercising. However, because it cuts out a few of the food options that are important for our bodies, we need to supplement the nutrients to have a healthy life. This is why you need to take the keto supplements and pills that help you reduce any adverse effects of a ketogenic diet. By doing this, dieters will have the nutritional balance their body needs to function at optimal levels.

These pills can give us all necessary vitamins and minerals like magnesium, MCTs, omega 3 fatty acids, and others that will be described in more detail below. You will also find out about the foods that are rich in the nutrients you need the most. However, if you know that your diet is lacking something, it would be a good idea to take a supplement because foods may not contain as much of that mineral as your body needs. Besides, consume enormous amounts of certain foods would not make any sense because it would lead to further weight gain, which isn’t desirable.

Keto supplements are meant to give our bodies what it needs when on a high-fat, protein-based, and 0 carbs diet, like keto. Let’s have a look over what these supplements are and why keto-dieters need them.

The Best Keto Supplements


Not only people on a keto diet but also those who consume processed foods, need to take magnesium supplements. This mineral is essential for the immune system and for regulating blood sugar levels. More than this, it gives our body more energy. When following a keto diet, magnesium can get depleted because people would no longer be consuming foods that are rich in this mineral, such as certain fruits and beans. This is why you need to take about 200 to 400 mg of magnesium a day. You will notice that you no longer have muscle cramps and insomnia (1), which are all symptoms of the keto flu. The low-carb foods rich in magnesium are spinach, swiss chard, avocado, mackerel, and pumpkin seeds, so it makes sense to give them a try, too.


Also known as medium-chain triglycerides, MCTs can be very helpful when following a ketogenic diet. They get broken down by the liver at a very rapid pace, not to mention they can be the most powerful fuel for muscles and brains. Since MCT supplements are made by isolating these triglycerides from coconut and palm oil, which are the richest sources of MCT in nature, they can help increase ketone levels and stay in ketosis while dieting. Studies have proven (2) that MCT supplements encourage weight loss by making dieters feel full. MCT oil can be taken separately or added to smoothies. It’s a good idea to start taking only a little in the beginning, just to see how your body reacts to it. After, you can increase the dosage according to your weight loss goals.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids, they protect our bodies against inflammatory and heart diseases and keep our mind from declining. Since a keto diet is high-fat, it doesn’t maintain the omega-3 omega-6 ratio in healthy parameters because you’re getting more omega-6 fatty acids, so you need to take omega-3 health supplements, which are obtained from fish and krill oil. Besides, you’d not only be protecting your body from certain diseases but also maximize your ketogenic diet effect when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that people on a keto diet who consumed omega-3 supplements had a lower risk of developing inflammatory diseases (3) than dieters who didn’t. Keto-friendly foods with increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids are sardines, salmon, and anchovies.

Vitamin D

While not necessarily directly related to a keto diet, vitamin D deficiency is present in most people (4). This means everyone needs to supplement their diet with it, as it’s essential for the body to function normally and to absorb calcium. If you happen to be on a ketogenic diet and lactose intolerant, you need more vitamin D into your body. By taking it, you wouldn’t only be helping your immune system but also stimulate cellular growth and reduce any risk of inflammatory diseases. Since there aren’t too many food sources for vitamin D, taking supplements is always a good idea. To find out the dosage you need, go to your doctor and take a blood test. Any health practitioner can tell how much vitamin D you need after looking at its results.

Digestive Enzymes

Many people who are following a keto diet complain that their digestive system can’t put up with their new eating habits. Since keto means consuming 75% of foods that are fat, those who aren’t used to these types of foods can experience diarrhea and nausea. More than this, a higher amount of protein causes digestive problems in people who do not consume meat that much. If you’re transitioning to a ketogenic diet and experience some digestive problems such as bloating or any other mentioned above, you need to take digestive enzymes. They will help you break down fat and proteins, which can be very efficient for weight loss, especially if you’re the type who works out (5).

Exogenous Ketones

While our bodies naturally produce endogenous ketones through ketosis, the exogenous ones need to be taken from an external source. When on a keto diet, dieters should increase their blood ketone levels to promote weight loss. Besides, exogenous ketone supplements are known to provide many other health benefits, such as boosting athletic performance and speeding up muscle recovery. This means you’d have more energy and be able to exercise more often, even when increasing your workouts’ level of difficulty. If you’re following a keto diet and trying to gain more muscle mass, then exogenous ketone supplements are definitely for you. Bodybuilders and athletes (6) are using them, so there shouldn’t be any reason why other people couldn’t, especially since they can help our bodies develop more harmoniously while on a ketogenic diet.

Electrolyte Supplements

Increasing your intake of minerals while on a keto diet is very important. This can be done by taking electrolyte supplements like the ones containing potassium or sodium. Your body can have a very difficult time adapting to the low consumption of carbs, especially when you’re just starting on with a new diet. More than this, it can lose more water than usual, which means you can become too dehydrated (7). The symptoms of the keto flu start appearing when levels of potassium, sodium, and magnesium in your blood are too low, but electrolyte supplements are effective means of fighting any of those symptoms. Keto flu symptoms are fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches (8). You could also try adding more salt to your food, thus giving your body the sodium it so much needs. If you have enough potassium in your body, you can combat the loss of other important minerals, too.


HMB or beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate supplements are especially efficient if you have just started a workout program or increased the intensity of your exercises while following the keto diet. They can help you decrease muscle loss and increase muscle (9). More than this, HMB supplements are very efficient at preventing heart disease. They lower the blood pressure and address high cholesterol levels. These supplements are ideal for those who are looking to turn their fat into muscle. However, they need to be taken while exercising. If you don’t have a workout routine and trying to lose weight only by following the keto diet, you may want to avoid HMB supplements because they would cause you to gain weight instead of helping with muscle gain.

Chromium and ALA Supplements

Known as Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALA coupled with chromium can accelerate your metabolism and help you lose more weight. While the human body produces ALA on its own, when you’re on a keto diet, this no longer happens as it used to, which means you need to supplement it. Just by taking 30 mg of ALA every day, you’re not only giving your body enough of this acid but also helping your metabolism to accelerate. If you want to maximize the effects of ALA supplements, take them with the omega-3 fatty acid ones. Alpha Lipoic Acid can also help you improve your memory and reduce the risk of diabetes. Some studies have revealed that it reduces oxidative stress (10), which means it protects against heart disease too.

What Is the Major Ingredient in Best Keto Pills?

If you have paid enough attention to the previous sections of this article, you have perhaps realized that the best keto pills should provide you the magnesium and sodium your body needs. You should take omega-3 fatty acids too because they’re essential for your overall and mental health. When on a ketogenic diet, your body needs to burn fat and not carbs. This means the best keto pills include ketones that encourage this process to happen and that suppress the appetite. Keep in mind that your body loses water in the first days of the keto diet, so make sure that you supply it with enough potassium and sodium.

Why Take Supplements on a Keto Diet?

As said before, it’s important to take supplements on a keto diet, so that you increase the effectiveness of this new weight loss regimen and give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. When you suffer from a deficiency, you start feeling sick, not to mention that you can get sick because of vitamin deficiency. There are also keto supplements that can help you be more comfortable with your new eating habits and fight the keto flu symptoms. Besides, if your body can’t burn carbs for energy, it should get used to getting its energy from other sources, sources that can be substituted through the use of health supplements. Keep in mind that you can’t get the nutrients you need only from foods, so use pills because they contain everything you require, in proper dosages.


Which Are the Best Keto Diet Pills?

The best keto diet pills are the ones that promote weight loss and increase muscle mass. They should also accelerate the metabolism and help you deal with the symptoms of the keto flu. Magnesium supplements will increase your energy levels, so if you’re feeling like you have no strength as the result of no longer consuming carbs, take them every day.

What Is the Best Weight Loss Pill?

While there’s no pill to miraculously help you lose weight without dieting or exercising, there surely are pills that promote weight loss, such as ketones and ALA supplements. Caffeine and green tea are also known to accelerate the metabolic rate, so if you can find something with these natural ingredients, go ahead and use it.

What Do Keto Pills Do for You?

Keto pills help you lose weight and adapt to the non-carbs, high-fat, and protein diet. However, for them to take effect and to work properly, you need to take these pills every day. You will not only ensure your body’s health but also feel like you have more energy as a result.

Do Keto Pills Work for Weight Loss?

Since keto pills are known to decrease the appetite and to accelerate the metabolism, they’re ideal for weight loss. A person taking them can feel 50% less hungry, especially for high-carb and high-sugar foods that make you gain weight. More than this, tase pills encourage the build-up of muscle mass, which helps with fat burning.

Do the Keto Pills Really Work?

Yes. Keto pills really work, especially when combined with the keto diet. They contain all the ingredients the body needs to burn fat more easily. It usually takes them 2 to 4 days to put you in the ketosis state, but some people need about a week for this to happen.

What Are Keto Weight Loss Pills?

Keto weight loss pills are health supplements specially made to help your body fight the unwanted side effects of the keto diet. They alleviate the feeling of hunger and provide your body with the necessary elements to make the transition to a carb-free diet easier.

Bottom line, keto supplements encourage weight loss because they contain special ingredients meant to help your body burn fat faster. These are the two main effects keto weight loss pills have, together with an increased mental focus: higher energy levels and a suppressed appetite. Choosing the right supplements will make this diet healthier and more effective.